Regulations and Academic Information

Regulation and Information

The Information Systems Department provides various information needed by students and prospective students in the academic field. Explore various information to plan academic activities here.

Academic regulations are prepared as a guide for students while studying at ITS. Academic regulations contain education programs, new student admissions, matriculation, curriculum, evaluation of learning, academic activities, non-academic activities, study leave, academic cooperation, foreign students and rules and manners in ITS.

Find the complete guide download

Find guidelines and regulations for doing practical work for ITS students in 2014 – 2019 download

Find guidelines and regulations in doing the final project for ITS students in 2014 – 2019 download download.

Undergraduate student(S1)

To be declared as a graduate from ITS, students have the requirements to complete the judiciary. Find guidelines and completeness of the judicial requirements here download

Graduate Student (S2)

Download a complete guide to the master’s student graduation file download

Arrange your study plan during your undergraduate degree at ITS. This guide contains details on taking courses, graduation requirements and rating details for the cumulative achievement index (GPA). Download the S1 study guide here