Research-based Information Systems Education

Laboratories in the Information Systems Department (DSI) are grouped into 2 parts, namely: learning laboratories (or practicums) and research laboratories. DSI has 3 learning laboratories called studios, namely: programming studios, applied application studios, and operating system studios. JSI also has 5 research laboratories, namely: Information Systems Management, Data Acquisition and Information Desemination, IT Infrastructure and Security, Enterprise Systems, and Data Engineering & Business Intelligence.

Learning or studio laboratories can be used by all lecturers and students for learning purposes (practicum), especially related to programming, computer networking, and corporate resource planning. Learning laboratories are also used for learning support facilities and internet access services independently outside practicum hours such as working on student college assignments. While the research laboratory is used to support lecturer research and final project work or student theses whose fields of expertise are suitable for the work of college assignments or theses. Thus, it is expected that knowledge sharing can occur between students and lecturers who have the same interests and expertise. All laboratories are equipped with hardware and software, and are connected to the ITS computer network and the internet. Are connected via a computer network

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