Class Room

Classrooms of Information Systems ITS


Lecture rooms in the Information Systems building consist of 10 classrooms grouped into 4 namely:

  • 2 lecture halls are in Building 1 (SI-1101 & SI-1102),
  • 2 classrooms at tha 3rd building (SI-3101 & SI-3102) ,
  • 3 classrooms di 2nd building (SI-2201,SI-2208, & SI-2209),
  • 3 classrooms di 4th building (SI-4101, SI-4102, & SI-4103).

All lecture halls are equipped with facilities to support the modern learning process in the form of:

  • white board,
  • LCD projector permanently installed in each class, and
  • Hot-Spot (Wi-Fi).

Classrooms SI-1101, SI-1102, SI-2208, and SI-2209 can be used as a room for guest lectures with a large capacity as well as a sound system. PCs are not provided per class, because each lecturer at DSI has been given a laptop facility for learning and other academic activities. Classrooms are used from 07.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB for 5 working days with 4 lecture schedules.

SI-2201 classrooms are dedicated to Masters (S2) lectures. Apart from being equipped with AC, white board, LCD projector, and wifi, this class is also equipped with a desk per student and power supply per table. So far, the availability of classrooms in JSI is sufficient for the learning process.