Graduate Profiles of MISP

Magister Of Informations System Program

Graduate Profiles

Master of Information Systems educates the students to become an Information Technology Professional who is able to develop Information Systems scientific methods to solve various practical and research problems in the 5 (five) Graduate Profiles

Business Analyst (BA)

Analyzes information systems for improving business performance. Identifies areas where information system changes are needed to support business plans and monitors the impact in terms of change management. Contributes to the general functional requirements of the business organization in the area of ICT solutions. Analyzes business needs and translates them into ICT solutions.

Systems Analyst (SA)

Analyzes requirements and specifies software and systems. Ensures the technical design and contributes to implementation of new software and/or enhancements

IS Project Manager (ISPM)

Manages Information System projects to achieve optima performance conforming to original specifications. Defines, implements, and manages projects from conception to final delivery. Responsible for achieving optimal results; conforming to standards for quality, safety; and sustainability and complying with defined scope, performance, costs, and schedule

Business Information Manager (BIM)

Proposes, plans, and manages functional and technical evolutions of the information system in the relevant business domain. Manages and implements updates to existing applications and maintenance activities guided by the needs, costs, and plans agreed with internal users. Ensures quality of service and internal user satisfaction

Enterprise Architect (EA)

Designs and maintains the enterprise architecture. Balances technological opportunities with business (process) requirements. Maintains a holistic view of the organization’s strategy, processes, information, and ICT assets. Links the business mission, strategy, and processes to the IT strategy

ICT Consultant (ICTC)

Supports understanding of how new ICT technologies add value to a business. Ensures technological watch to inform stakeholders of emergent technologies. Anticipates and brings to maturity ICT projects by the introduction of new technologies to the business. Contributes to project definitions.


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