Admission Requirement of MISP

Magister Of Informations System Program

Admission Requirement of MISP


Prospective students can enroll for Master of Information Systems – ITS through 2 options:

Non-RPL track

The admission program for prospective students with a previous study background from the Bachelor of “Information Systems” Program. For these prospective students, there is no need to map the student’s bachelor courses with the ITS Bachelor of Information Systems Program’s courses so they can immediately follow the course of the Master Program as usual.

RPL Track (Recognition of Past Learning) type A1.4.2

The admission program for prospective students with a study background from the bachelor study program other than the “Information Systems” program. For these prospective students, the bachelor program’s transcript will be assessed and mapped with the ITS Bachelor of Information Systems Program’s courses with a maximum number of 9 credits of unaccommodated courses. ITS Bachelor of Information Systems Program’s courses, that are not accommodated by the prospective student’s bachelor transcript, will be additional courses. Those additional courses must be taken by the prospective students if accepted in the Master of Information Systems Program in the form of courses that have the same name as the ITS Bachelor of Information Systems Program’s course but with the Master Program’s course code. Undergraduate study programs that can register for this Master’s Degree RPL Track of ITS Master of Information Systems Program includes: Informatics/Software Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Information Security, Informatics Management & Information Technology/Informatics Education (the list of study programs is still possible to increase along with the appearance of proposals and arguments for the similarity of course transcripts).


The Scheme is part of the Track, which is related to the tuition financing scheme. In terms of funding, prospective students can enroll the Master of Information Systems-ITS through 4 options:

  1. Self-funding: students pay their own tuition fees.
  2. Scholarship funding: when registering for the ITS Master of Information Systems Program, prospective students also apply for scholarships to finance their master’s education. For ITS students and alumni, there are Fast Track Scholarships and Fresh Graduate Scholarships (FGB). For public, there are LPDP (Education Fund Management Institutions / Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) and BU-BPKLN (Excellent Scholarships – Bureau of Foreign Cooperation Planning / Beasiswa Unggulan – Biro Perencanaan Kerjasama Luar Negeri) scholarships. For the applicants of the Master of Information Systems Program with the choice of the Scholarship Scheme, it is important to remember that the decision to be accepted in the Masters Program and the decision to receive the scholarship are two separate things. There is a possibility that an applicant is accepted into the Masters Program but does not receive a scholarship. Therefore, the prospective students must prepare other financing plans, including the self-funding option.
  3. Joint Degree/Double Degree Scholarships: this scholarship can be applied by the master students after being accepted and while attending lectures in the ITS Master of Information Systems Program. This scholarship is generally a collaboration between ITS and foreign partner universities. Students who pass the scholarship selection will have the opportunity to study at foreign universities. The courses taken at the partner university will be mapped so that it will be equivalent to the courses in the ITS Master of Information Systems Program.
  4. Partner Organization Agreement Funding: applies if students are delegates from institutions that already have an MOU with ITS and an MOA with the Information Systems Department in terms of educational collaboration.


There are 2 types of class in the Master of Information Systems ITS:

  1. Regular -Offline Class: In this class, learning & teaching processes are conducted by offline at ITS campus (during Covid Pandemy, ITS applies online learning for all classes)
  2. Online Classes for Professionals: this class is conducted online every Friday night and Saturday. By joining this class, students can join lectures from anywhere without going to ITS campus.


Admission for graduate studies at ITS is available every semester (2x/year).

  1. Eligible prospective students are:

Prospective students should have graduated from Computing programs (Bachelor of Information Systems, Informatics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Management, Computer Engineering, or other programs related to computing) with program accreditation B or higher and GPA 3.0 or higher. Particularly for prospective students of the Professional Online Class Program, their GPA may less than 3.0 by considering their professional experience in Information Systems.

  1. Prospective students must send 2 online recommendation letters, by entering two names and emails from 2 recommender from:
  2. Superiors of their office; and/or
  3. Research supervisor at their undergraduate program; and/or
  4. Assisstant professor at their undergraduate program.
  5. The required TOEFL / TOEFL-like paper-based for admission is 450 or higher (for Master Program), issued by:
  6. Institutional Testing Program (ITP),
  7. University’s English Language Center in Indonesia,
  8. The TEFL certificate can be replaced with an IELTS Certificate with score 4.5 or higher, or TOEFL IBT with score 32 or higher
  9. In ITS, schedule for TOEFL (TEFL) test can be seen at or by phone (031) 5990322 / 5947274 ext. 1221
  10. The required Potential Academic Test (TPKA) is 450 or higher issued by Postgraduate Program ITS, BAPPENAS, or TKDA HIPSI. ITS also provide the TPKA test by online at atau or by calling (031) 5994251 – ext 1126, 1384.
  11. Prospective students must pass an online exam, which are including:
  12. Writing test about basic knowledge of Information Systems; and
  13. An interview
  14. Prospective students must sign the agreement letter of academic regulation and fees.
  15. Prospective students must submit a short description of their research plan. The proposed research plan of prospective students is the summary of their research plan of at least 1-page length.

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