ELECTICS Students New Identity Through Logo Design Competition

Wed, 22 Sep 2021
8:12 am
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Logo Design Results by FTEIC Student Logo Competition Participants.

As a new faculty, the result of a combination of two faculties at ITS, the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology (ELECTICS) through BEM ELECTICS held a Logo Design Competition which aims to provide a new symbol and identity for ELECTICS students. Formed in 2020 as a combination of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FTE) and the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTIK). This faculty has six departments within it, namely Electrical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering, and Information Technology.

Even though it was held online, Ro’tsur Rumman Tsany, the Chief Executive of the ELECTICS Logo Design Competition, was still enthusiastic about organizing this event. “As part of FTEIC, of course, we are proud if ELECTICS students have a new symbol and identity as a form of support to welcome the birth of a new Faculty. Therefore, we provide a platform that involves FTEIC students to participate in making the FTEIC student logo,” he said

The Logo Design Competition started on June 22, 2021, and was participated by 9 participants with various unique and interesting logo results. “The Logo Design Competition is open for active students from the Faculty of Electrical and Intelligent Information Technology. BEM FTEIC does not charge any fees for the competition,” he said.

The assessment of the results of the logo design is carried out by a Voting system through Google Forms. This selection process can only be carried out by FTEIC students by filling in their identity as part of the FTEIC Students. From the results of the voting, a validation process was carried out with 1403 votes from a total of 2666 FTEIC students.

The Winner of ELECTICS C Student Logo Design Competition.

After going through a very competitive selection process, the logo design that was successfully selected as the winner was announced on August 17, 2021. The winner of this Logo Design Competition had the opportunity to explain logo creation through the 2021 ELECTICS Faculty-Student Forum (FMF). In the Logo Design Competition organized by BEM ELECTICS, Radya Amirur Rahman from the Information Systems Department was nominated as the winner with a total of 261 votes out of 1360 valid votes.

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