ELECTICS PP LKMM Provides Students to Become Collaborative Guides

Thu, 26 Aug 2021
7:05 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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ELECTICS Student Management Skills Training Guide 2021.

To be a guide in Student Management Skills Training (LKMM) requires special skills. To facilitate this, the Guiding Bureau of the Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Faculty ( ELECTICS) held a Student Management Skills Training Guide (PP LKMM) last June.

The activity, which lasted for four days from June 12-13 and June 19-20, aims to equip students by increasing their abilities and potential in scouting and answering one of the demands of powers that must be possessed. “One of them is practicing public speaking skills,” said Rizqy Ramadhan, Head of the ELECTICS Kepemanduan Bureau.

In addition to adding soft skills and students can gain new experiences. Rizqy said that this activity could provide a more comprehensive view of life and insight for the participants. “They can also get relation from outside the department, because the guide is within the very wide scope of the ITS campus,” he explained.

The LKMM Guide Training was attended by 25 participants from ELECTICS students who had previously attended the Basic Student Skills Training (LKMM TD). The PP LKMM ELECTICS participants were followed by ELECTICS students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Information Technology class of 2019 who participated in LKMM TD from their respective associations.

In connection with the theme raised at PP LKMM this year, namely “Go Far Go Together,” collaboration between two previously separated faculties will make a big step together for scouting at ELECTICS.

Katarina Nimas, as the guide added, that based on the theme, there was hope that was created from the two faculties. “Hopefully we as a new faculty can collaborate with each other. With collaboration we can become a solid team and mutually benefit each other.”

Apart from delivering material in this PP LKMM Activity, it is also interspersed with discussions and online simulations. Participants are provided with material and will discuss to exchange ideas conveying their arguments with the guide.

Participants of the 2021 ELECTICS Student Management Skills Training Guide.

The material presented was not only from ELECTICS guides, but also invited other presenters from outside ELECTICS. One of the materials was about the nature of LKMM and scouting delivered by Izzan Aminul Majid. Rizqy said the reason for inviting guides outside the ELECTICS was to increase knowledge.

“The invited guides or presenters are because of their knowledge, so the term is already a legend in the ITS scouting world.” Therefore, not just any guide was chosen as a speaker at PP LKMM TD.

The most memorable moment for Rizqy as the bureau’s head was the moment at the end of the event when the farewell video from the 2017 guide was shown. “When the farewell video to the 2017 class was shown, at first it was cringe but over time it became teary.” Said Rizky.

In addition, the process of participant development is also important in the sustainability of PP LKMM activities. “Throughout the most important event, the process of participants being active in class, receiving the most important material, and also guiding simulation,” said Katarina.

Rizqy hopes that PP LKMM participants can achieve three main things that form the basis of this year’s activity: solid, initiative, and communicative. The three main things that underlie this year’s PP LKMM are tangible communicative initiatives.

The Electrical Department student added another hope that he wanted the participants who were the guides not only to make each other as colleagues for upcoming events but also beyond that to bond, “Help and care for each other like family, ” he concluded.

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