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GEMASTIK or National Student Competition in the field of Information and Communication Technology, is a program of Directorate of Student Affairs, Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, in an effort to improve the quality of students so as to take the role as an agent of change in advancing ICT and its utilization in Indonesia .

In 2018, GEMASTIK will be held for the 11th time at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. Through GEMASTIK, students’ ICT skills will be tested with case studies at each branch of the competition to produce the most efficient and effective solution. The students are expected to be able to continue to work and direct the spirit of innovation in the development of ICT for the advancement of Indonesian human resources.

The GEMASTIK 11 theme is ICT Innovation for National Sovereignty. The main activity of GEMASTIK 11 is a competition. In addition to the main activities, there are other activities such as ICT seminars, workshops of university student affairs, cultural and artistic performances in the final round, and exhibition of works and finalists GEMASTIK 11 in the form of posters.

There are ten categories in the field of ICT are contested include Animation, UX Design Design, Network Security and Information Systems, Smart City, Programming, Data Mining, Game Application Development, Development ICT Business, Software Development, Smart Devices, Security Systems and IoT.

GEMASTIK 11 will be held on:

Date: 1-3 November 2018
Location: Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

More information about GEMASTIK 11 can be accessed on the official website of

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