Thu, 24 Aug 2023
9:42 am
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All new Electics ITS students gather in the ITS Library Circle

On August 18, 2023 yesterday, Electics’ Student Executive Board out a work program called “INCLENATION: The Introduction and The Pinnacle of ELECTICS Harmonization” to create a sense of kinship, a sense of ownership, and good relationships between students at Electics ITS. This is a space for collaboration between new students and the Departmental Student Association (HMD) in the Electics environment.


INCLENATION was held offline around ITS’ Library Circle for one full day and was attended by 1,106 new students from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Information Systems, Informatics Engineering, and Information Technology. There are several activities at INCLENATION, namely SAMUDERA (New Student Welcome Parade), GENCAKA (Movement Towards the Peak of Electics Student Harmony), Small Group Internalization, and Funtastic Bond.


The first activity began with remarks by Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama, S.T., M.T. as the Dean of Electics ITS, Adzany Tealent Risabury as Chair of the ITS Electics BEM, and Mohamad Raihan Masof as Chief Executive of INCLENATION 2023. This activity was continued by singing the Indonesia Raya song and ITS Hymn.

Speech from the Dean of Electics ITS, Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama, S.T., M.T.

Dean of Electics ITS, Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama, S.T., M.T., giving the speech

The main event of INCLENATION, begins with SAMUDERA (New Student Welcome Parade). SAMUDERA is a moment meant for HMD to take part in welcoming the new Electics family so that new students feel proud and well-accepted as part of Electics. The next activity is, GENCAKA (Movement Towards the Peak of Electics Student Harmony). GENCAKA is a symbolic moment accompanied by an oration from the Head of the Department of Human Resource Development BEM Electics.



Moments of the Movement Towards the Peak of Electics Student Harmony

After the symbolic moment was over, informative activities were held regarding faculty insights led by the Head of BEM Electics ITS, Adzany Tealent Risabury. The material presented by the Head of BEM Electics included the history of the formation of Electics ITS, the history of each Departmental Student Association, an introduction to BEM Electics ITS, and motivations related to why one should be proud to be an Electics ITS student.


*Remarks: The Head of BEM Electics ITS is providing faculty insight material.

The event then continued with the internalization session, where this session was the beginning of a series of Funtastic Bond activities that would be carried out by each group. This internalization emphasizes the development of relationships and collaboration between new students in small groups guided by their respective mentors. Small groups consist of 20 people from different departments so that the diversity of these departments can strengthen the relationship between new Electics students. Each group is then given a challenge in the form of a riddle or puzzle that must be completed together.


The purpose of this internalization session is to strengthen the bond between group members, encourage cooperation in solving problems, and develop communication skills and understanding of each other. By completing riddles together, new students will feel more familiar with their group members and feel more confident in interacting.


After the internalization session, the momentum of togetherness continued with Funtastic Bond activities. Funtastic Bond is a series of games and activities designed to entertain and strengthen bonds between new student groups. The activities in Funtastic Bond are packaged in the form of posts, where each group competes to play and win games from the existing posts.


participants’ togetherness moments

After a series of activities above, INCLENATION ended with a closing event where the awarding of the games in Funtastic Bond was carried out. Apart from awarding, the Closing event was also enlivened with celebrations in the form of a mini-concert guided by the events division. Togetherness and enthusiasm filled the whole place, creating an atmosphere full of excitement and joy. This is the moment where all the participants can unite, reminisce on the short but precious moments they have shared during the event, and marks the end of the celebration of the Electics freshmen’s unification in INCLENATION.


With the completion of INCLENATION, it is hoped tp bound the sense of kinship, the spirit of collaboration, and pride in being an Electics ITS student will continue to be maintained and developed. This event became an important milestone for me

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