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Guidance and counseling

Counseling is usually related to learning difficulties, problems in interpersonal relationships with lecturers, students, parents, and non-academic communities, determination of career paths, etc.
Guidance and counseling is carried out by three units at ITS: SAC, Medical Center, and study program. SAC is a career center in ITS that is responsible for increasing industry absorption of ITS graduates. Professionals at SAC are professional industrial psychologists in the field of increasing the recruitment of graduates in industry. Thus, consultations related to career paths are the main specialization of SAC, however, SAC can receive counseling outside the career path.
In contrast to SAC, the medical center also provides Psychology Poly which focuses on more general problems.
Furthermore, the Information Systems Department is the frontline for counseling guidance. Here, the study program relies on guardian lecturers as student counselors related to the teaching and learning process. Mainly in choosing courses and monitoring student achievement

Consultation is carried out individually and collectively by the counselors with students.
Especially for guardian lecturers, the counseling process is carried out three times in one semester. At the beginning of the semester, in the middle of the semester (before midterm), and at the end of the semester (before midterm).
While for SAC and medical centers, the counseling process is carried out individually with a relatively independent time.
Expected results :

  1. Students do not experience errors in determining the strategy of taking courses, so they can help students graduate with normal time
  2. Students have no difficulty in planning soft skills and hard skills in achieving their desired careers
  3. Students do not experience difficulties in living campus life
  4. Students have no difficulty in interacting with the civitas academica

Interest and talent

To develop their interests and talents, students participate in various activities at various levels at ITS. Starting at the level of study programs (student associations), faculties (BEM Faculties) and Institutes (BEM ITS).

These activities include the following:

  • Visit Fair: Banchmark activities and management of associations to other associations at other universities
  • Information Technology Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Graduation Thanksgiving
  • Talk IT: Information Technology Entrepreneurship Introduction Program to new students
  • Idea Explosion: Training of Scientific Papers
  • SYNERGY: Information Systems serve the country
  • Excursion Study: Visit to the industry to see the difference between information technology studies on campus and the real conditions in the field
  • Curriculum Professional and Competency-based Orientation Activity (OKKBK)
    Student Skills and Managerial Training

In addition, students can develop themselves outside the PSS-SI by participating in various activities at the ITS level (UKM = Student Activity Unit), for example:

  • Soccer UKM
  • Merpati Putih UKM
  • Self Shield SMEs
  • Chess UKM
  • Tambourine Love UKM
  • Robotics UKM
  • Silat UKM “Hikmatul Iman”
  • Student Cooperative UKM
  • UKM Workshop and Entrepreneurship
  • Choir UKM
  • Badminton UKM
  • Lovers of the Environment (PLH) Cycle
  • Music UKM
  • Dance and Karawitan UKM
  • Tiyang Alit UKM

Soft skills training

Soft skill training is carried out in a curricular and extracurricular manner. Curricular guidance is done by giving leadership and interpersonal skills in the second semester.
In this course a number of off-campus activities are monitored directly by lecturers. This lecture also invited several communication experts and motivators to provide insights related to interpersonal relationships.
For extracurricular activities, students are required to collect 1300 extracurricular credit units (SKEM) as a requirement to attend graduation. SKEM is a credit unit for student extracurricular activities.
If a student participates in activities that hone soft skills such as participating in group activities, being a committee of activities, attending a national conference, etc., that student is entitled to a SKEM score.

Strengthening soft skills from the academic side is carried out in the second semester in leadership and interpersonal skills
In addition, ITS and the Department provide scholarship opportunities to master soft skills through

  1. training and workshops on popular writing,
  2. student association management,
  3. fostering entrepreneur / technoprenuer,
  4. and become a lecturer / laboratory assistant

Students have a positive attitude, high enthusiasm in taking lectures, and have confidence in living life

The ITS information system department not only provides learning processes in academic terms, but also provides soft skills training. Find interesting things from our activities in the Information Systems Department.



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