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The development of information technology is very rapid, of course, opening up big opportunities for Information Systems graduates. ITS Information Systems graduates have excellent prospects to work in various government agencies and companies. The following are some examples of jobs as graduates of our department:

The Role of Alumni in Early Career

  • Information and Data Engineer (15%)
  • Systems Analyst (25%)
  • Project Manager (10%)
  • Business Analyst (20%)
  • IT Business Initiator (21%)
  • Other (9%)

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Career Prospects

Data engineer is one of the professions that is more related to engineers, who have a duty to build big data infrastructure that’s still not structured, after that the data engineer takes some important data and is needed for a particular analysis performed by a data analyst or data scientist .

A systems analyst is someone who is responsible for researching, planning, coordinating, and recommending the selection of software and systems that suitable to the needs of a business organization or company.

Project Manager is a person who organizes others to achieve the planned results in a predetermined schedule and budget. Project managers must be effective both internally (managing people and resources) and externally (maintaining relationships with the public).

Business Analyst is someone who is a part of business operations and works, related to Information Technology to improve the quality of services delivered, sometimes helping in the Integration and Testing of new solutions in companies, agencies or organizations.

IT Business Initiator is someone who is responsible for thinking starting a business.