Serendipity Leads to Achievement: ELECTICS’ Students Bring Home The Sandbox By IEEE ITB SB Trophy

Thu, 30 May 2024
12:23 pm
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The involvement of youth in developing green technology is not merely a hope for the future but a necessity in addressing global environmental challenges. One effort to materialize this is through competitions like The Sandbox by IEEE ITB SB (Student Branch), which provides a platform for participants to create innovative green technology solutions. This year, students from ELECTICS proved that their casual interests could culminate in outstanding achievements. Team Bangan, led by Muhammad Athariq Yurisqi Riswandi and comprising Muhammad Dzaky Kamal, Muhammad Khairan Azzam, Mochammad Naufal Hakim, and Edwin Juanda Samuel, clinched the first prize in the competition.


The initial idea of this team originated from their casual interests during vacations. While searching for activities, they stumbled upon The Sandbox competition by IEEE ITB SB. Their inspiration came from Muhammad Athariq Yurisqi Riswandi’s Thesis, which was then developed into a more advanced idea from his previous Thesis project.


They created a revolutionary device named HYDRA (Hysteresis Dynamic Response Adapter), which is a bi-directional inverter capable of converting electricity from AC to DC and vice versa. This device is designed to support energy efficiency, utilize green energy, and reduce carbon emissions. Thus, they not only contribute to achieving the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2060 but also open opportunities for domestic technology development in the field of inverters.


The journey towards success was not easy for Team Bangan. They faced significant challenges such as tight deadlines and technical issues with their devices. However, with perseverance and an unyielding spirit, they managed to overcome all obstacles. This achievement is not only a source of pride for Team Bangan but also serves as inspiration for other students in ELECTICS.


They proved that with strong intention and hard work, students can achieve success. Muhammad Athariq Yurisqi Riswandi expressed his desire to continue developing this device, possibly for further research at the Master’s level. This demonstrates their commitment to continue contributing to the future development of green technology.


This outstanding achievement is expected to boost the spirit and confidence of its students to participate in more competitions and contests in the future. Team Bangan’s success is not only a source of pride for ELECTICS but also sets an example for other students that they have great potential to achieve national and global recognition in the development of green technology.


Involving youth in creating and implementing green technology solutions, the role of youth is crucial in developing and creating technologies, especially green technologies, that are beneficial for the Earth. The Sandbox by IEEE is a competition where participants compete in creating impactful devices that serve as solutions to achieve goals.”

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