Never tired of achieving, “Include Technology” has succeeded in spreading its wings on the international stage

Tue, 05 Mar 2024
1:16 pm
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Starting from winning the 1st place award in the IdenTIK (Indonesia Entrepreneur ICT) competition in the Private Sector category 2022, INCLUDE Technology Indonesia has again proven its work on the international stage. The prestigious awards event held annually by ASEAN in the information and communication technology field often called the ASEAN Digital Award (ADA), was successfully won by INCLUDE Technology Indonesia with the Bronze Winner award in the Private Sector category.


The ASEAN Digital Award (ADA) will take place for two days, 31 January – 1 February 2024, with the main agenda being the presentation of innovative products (Final Judging), which then continues with the agenda of the Gala Dinner The 4th ASEAN Digital Ministers Meeting (ADGMIN) and Awarding in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. This event was significant and attended by leading representatives of ASEAN countries and guests.


Through various processes that had to be prepared for approximately two months, INCLUDE Technology Indonesia successfully delivered the IoT Integration Platform. This service feature integrates machines with multiple sensors connected to the IoT application platform. This innovation is still relatively rare among users, so it has become a proud advantage. Singgih Ardiansyah, FT-EIC Computer Engineering Student and CEO of INCLUDE Technology Indonesia admitted that he did not expect to become champion in this event because this competition is generally intended for large companies that are already stable. Still, the peak of being loved by Ulam arrived. It turned out that the tech startup he started could fly to ASEAN to pick up the championship with other Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information delegations.

This award is undoubtedly the starting point for INCLUDE Technology Indonesia’s opportunity to expand the reach of its startup. Currently, INCLUDE has also succeeded in making investors look at the products being developed. “We plan to continue developing our startup but do it in stages. We will start small first, then medium stage until we reach large scale to minimize potential risks. “The hope is that this startup can always get continuous support from the ITS campus and departments,” said Singgih. In closing, the CEO of INCLUDE also advised that the ideas proposed by ITS children could be continued and not just take part in competitions because initially, INCLUDE also started from an idea but continued to carry out continuous development until it succeeded in becoming a product that could deliver INCLUDE Technology Indonesia become champions on the international stage.

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