Research Interest

The strategic issues that form the basis and focus of the Department of Business Management’s research are elaborated in the activities of two laboratories, namely the Entrepreneurship and SMEs Laboratory as well as Business Analytic and Strategy Laboratory. Research will cover topics around Operations Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Entrepreneurship.

  1. Operation Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Entrepreneurship

Department of Business Management has two laboratories to support learning programs and research

BAS Laboratory: Dr. Ir. Arman Hakim Nasution, M.Eng

ESME Laboratory: Satria Fadil Persada, S.Kom., MBA., Ph.D

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BAS Laboratory

  1. Imam Baihaqi, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D
  2. Nugroho Priyo Negoro, S.E., S.T., M.M.
  3. Muhammad Saiful Hakim, S.E., S.M
  4. Aang Kunaifi, S.E., M.Ak
  5. Dewie Saktia Ardiantono, S.T., M.T
  6. Puti Sinansari, S.T., M.M.
  7. Prahardika Prihananto, S.T., M.T
  8. Muniroh, S.Si, MBA.

ESME Laboratory

  1. Dr. Ir. Bustanul Arifin Noer, M.Sc
  2. Ir. Janti Gunawan, M.Eng.Sc., M.ComB., Ph.D
  3. Berto Mulia Wibawa, S.Pi., M.M
  4. Dr. oec. HSG. Syarifa Hanoum, S.T, M.T
  5. Satria Fadil Persada, S.Kom., MBA., Ph.D
  6. Anindita Ade Putri, S.T., MBA.
  7. Bahalwan Apriyansyah, S.T, MBA.
  8. M. Ilham Naufal, S.A, MBA.