Our Vision


Become a leading and internationally reputed Bachelor of Business Management Study Program


Conducting excellent business management education to give birth to future business leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and ethics.

Conducting internationally reputable research to contribute to the development of business management science

Play an active role in improving the socio-economic welfare of the community and national development


  • Producing business leaders who are entrepreneurial, with integrity and ethics
  • Developing an internationally reputed business management education program based on research-led teaching
  • Developing Business Management science through quality research and high impact both nationally and internationally
  • Develop networks of cooperation with industry, government and the community in order to increase the relevance of education and research and contribute to improving the welfare of the community


  1. Graduates who have competencies:
    • Able to manage and run a business either a new business (start-up) or an existing business
    • Able to apply the latest business concepts and philosophies to business and management issues in various fields.
    • Able to choose and apply various qualitative and quantitative methods in solving business problems
    • Able to choose, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate business information
    • Able to analyze and diagnose business problems and design various business improvement innovations through the use of information and communication technology.
    • Able to think creatively and innovatively in solving sustainable business problems.
    • Able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, using various communication channels including business reports and presentations and including the ability to negotiate in a business context.
    • Able to collaborate effectively and professionally both as a member and as a leader
    • Able to apply the latest business concepts to create sustainable value for business and society in general and work as part of a sustainable global economy
    • Able to make the right business decisions based on accurate analysis and data
    • Able to account for decision making taken from legal, ethical, environmental and social impact perspectives on society
  2. The establishment of a conducive academic climate through research and dissemination of research results involving the entire MB ITS academic community, and can be implemented and beneficial to society
  3. The creation of resources (human, assets, information & management, finance) and environmental comfort that support the development of MB ITS
  4. Creation of an effective network of cooperation between educational institutions at home / abroad, industry, government agencies and the private sector