Tue, 28 Feb 2023
3:00 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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The Advisory Board Talk is an official forum for the Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology which provides a means for each Department to obtain input and insights for departmental development from the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board itself consists of experienced experts who have entered the world of work, which of course is related to knowledge in the departments at FT-EIC. Some of the Advisory Board are ITS alumni, especially alumni of the Department in the FT-EIC Environment.

In its third year of implementation, this Advisory Board Talk brings up the topic ‘2023 Curriculum: Outreach and Input’. Each department presented crucial matters related to curriculum development in 2023. Furthermore, the Advisory Board responded in the form of criticism and suggestions as well as shared insights and discussed together.

The topic of the curriculum presented is directed to the competencies that FT-EIC graduates will bring later. The guests consisting of all Heads of Departments and lecturers in the FT-EIC Environment focused on the competencies needed to equip students so they can compete in the world of work. In addition, outside of the Advisory Board Talk forum, each department often communicates with the Advisory Board as an external party to gain insight and exchange opinions between the world of lectures and the world of work so that the department can develop optimally.

“It is very interesting that each department’s Advisory Board gathers and discusses together. For me, the most memorable thing in this Advisory Board Talk this time is the point that we must remember the need to provide concrete and substantial soft skills education to students as a provision,” said Hari, Head of the Information Technology Department.

He added that the Information Technology Department paid attention to several points for further review. The Advisory Board said that the increasingly rapid technological advances needed to be prepared. Mr. Hari admitted that currently, the Department is forming a special team to prepare existing laboratories to support such fast technological advances, according to the direction of the Advisory Board.

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