Direktorat Kerjsama dan Pengelolaan Usaha


  1. B3 waste management
  2. Student practicum at the Surabaya State Shipping Polytechnic at the Water Treatment Technology Laboratory and the Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Technology and Management Laboratory, Department of Environmental Engineering ITS Surabaya
  3. Utilization of corn waste into animal feed-phase I at TBBM Tuban (MOR V Proper)
  4. Hazardous and Toxic Waste (LB3) management study services for oil and gas exploration and production activities of PT Pertamina EP
  5. Utilization of corn plant waste into organic fertilizer
  6. Development of oxygen ion conductor based on LaCoO3 perovskite oxide as a catalyst membrane in the partial oxidation reaction of methane gas
  7. Multi-location test of local mycorrhizal biotechnology and industrial applications in the center of peanut (Arachis Hypogea) cultivation, Bangkalan Regency, East Java
  8. Synthesis of Aluminum Zinc Oxide (AZO) Powder using the spray pyrolysis method
  9. Synthesis of complex compounds with picolinate-derived ligands as new anti-cancer compounds
  10. Composition and structure of aquatic insect communities in rice ecosystems: a preliminary study of biological testing predicting the potential impact of sea level rise
  11. The effect of molecular shape and size on the transport of molecules through the nata de coco membran membrane
  12. Engineering the utilization of clove leaf waste for the manufacture of commercial flavoring isobutavan and its analogues, and their derivatives
  13. The study of the estimation method of the spatial statistical model: a case study of the spatial econometric model of economic growth in East Java and Central Java
  14. Development of artificial rice and sago
  15. Development of science learning methods in high schools (SMA) and universities