Direktorat Kerjasama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Defense Industry and Others

  1. Electromagnetic absorption studies on M-Hexaferrites for anti-radar applications
  2. Development and implementation of unmanned aircraft navigation, guidance and control systems to support the independence of state defense and security
  3. Degradation of glycerol into plastics (Acrylic Acid) with catalyst and glycerol
  4. Design and fabrication of an interferometer-based aser vibrometer as a vibration sensor
  5. Weighted bivariate spline approach in multiresponse and semiparametric multiresponse nonparametric regression
  6. Characterization of partition columns and surface acoustic wave devices as aroma sensors
  7. Sparse sampling of throat-picking sufferers’ signals for remote early detection
  8. Technology and industry of hydrogen storage based on silica airgel from sugar factory boiler ash
  9. Design and manufacture of PS-01 assault pistol cartridges from CU-Zn/Al2O3 composite with powder metallurgical process
  10. Turbulent boundary layer modeling and sediment transport for applications on irregular waves near the coast
  11. Heat and mass transfer in falling film evaporator for Blak Liquor, Froth, Nira solution systems
  12. Weighted multivariate spline estimator in heteroscedastic multiresponse nonparametric and semiparametric regression
  13. Development of censored data model using bivariate spatial tobit regression method
  14. Development of warranty cost model for reused products
  15. Experimental study on the effect of the position of the D-type sliced ​​cylinder as a passive controller in front of the circular main cylinder on the drag force of the main cylinder
  16. Development of metaheuristic techniques to solve industrial problems
  17. Optimization of the bicycle frame STA (Seat Tube Angle) angle for an efficient, safe and ergonomic design
  18. Quantification of Human Tissue Optics using multispectral techniques and derivative analysis: an integrated approach using monte carlo simulation and experimental validation
  19. Study on the potential development of natural resource processing industries supported by the existence of the Institute of Technology and Industry in Kalimantan