Alumni Activities


           Alumni form organizations to bind and maintain relationships between alumni and between alumni and educational institutions. Through this alumni organization, alma mater and community access to alumni existence will be easier to obtain. Especially in this era of communication globalization, alumni organizations can utilize various online media to present themselves in relation to the internal organization and the work of individual alumni members as a result of output from their alma mater, which of course will build positive public opinion and become a cheap survey media for alma mater.
Here are some of the roles and functions of alumni in their activities:

  1. Being a benchmark for the community to use their graduates in the world of work.
  2. Become a model for students who are still studying.
  3. Building a positive image / public opinion about his alma mater in the community.
  4. Preparing employment opportunities for new graduates / younger siblings.
  5. Contribute material for the development of the alma mater: fundraising, etc.
  6. Contributing suggestions, thoughts, new ideas to the alma mater.
  7. Get involved in various educational institution activities at the Institute, such as helping when there is a shortage of teaching staff, engaging in graduation activities, engaging in accreditation activities, etc.

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