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Bambang Tristiyono, ST., M.Si.

Creative Greetings

Welcome to the website of the Department of Industrial Design, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, one of the best design schools in Indonesia. The Industrial Design Department achieved an “A” score from the National Accreditation Agency for three consecutive periods, from 2006 to the present. Established as an Industrial Design Laboratory under the Department of Architecture in 1986, this department grew steadily and produced nearly a thousand alumni who run their own businesses or work in companies. The department’s curriculum is carefully designed in accordance with the standards set by the Indonesian Industrial Product Design Association (ADPII).

To achieve the vision as a center for education, research and international standard industrial design development in Indonesia, Industrial Design Department collaborates with government, industry and other academic institutions locally and internationally. Also, the department promotes research-based innovation through projects in the field of apparel, furniture, appliances, medical devices and transportation design.

We try our best to provide a creative atmosphere in design education. By applying the unique characteristics of designer thinking, we break the limits of human quality in line with technological developments.


Head of ITS Surabaya Industrial Design Department 2020-2024 Period


Bambang Tristiyono, S.T., M.Si.