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The 1001 Idea Design Competition is one of a series of 1001 idea events organized by ITS Product Design students in the form of a product design competition, consisting of 3 competition categories, namely footwear design, transportation design, and jewelry. This year’s 1001 ideas entitled “Neoteric Utopia” presents the concept of integrating life in the future with creative ideas that are mutually sustainable and product design science is present in it. The theme became a derivative theme for each type of competition held. In this competition, apart from cash prizes, there are also attractive prizes in the form of a free pass for the ITS Product Design SNMPTN.

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Registration & Collection

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Guidebook 1001 Design Competition

Collection of Works (Transportation)


Collection of Works(Jewelry)

Originality Letter Template

Collection of Works(Footwear)

Submission Templates

Report Reports and Presentation Links (Finalists Only)


For further information, please contact the following 1001 IDE contacts


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