Alumni Association


           Alumni Association is an organization that collects and channel the aspirations of alumni. The forum aims to tie communication both with institutions and with fellow alumni. The results of the activities in the forum can expand the network of institutions, employment information and provide many inputs for the progress of study programs which are then followed up through improvements in the learning process and improvement of the academic atmosphere. At this time the Study Program has not pioneered the formation of alumni groups at the Study Program level because it has not graduated students. Therefore the Visual Communication Design Study Program plans to contribute to the development of an alma mater that has a role in the development of Indonesia’s generation. As the number of alumni increases the more challenges that will be present in the future, the consolidation in the fields of organization and professionalism is needed.

           The increasing number of alumni also demands the distribution of information that is increasingly broad, fast and appropriate. With the development of the era of life, it is expected that the role of alumni to take part in the field in accordance with their profession.

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