D4 ITS Best Graduates with Many Achievements

Sat, 27 Nov 2021
12:00 am
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Yosi Noviari Wiobowo best D4 graduates with GPA 3.59

ITS Campus, ITS News – Graduating with a bunch of achievements is the dream of all students. Complacency has proven self-capability and gives benefit to society, leaving an unforgettable impression. At the very least, that is what is now felt by Yosi Noviari Wibowo, the best graduate of Diploma IV (D4) of ITS.

The man who previously studied in the Department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering has just undergone a series of ITS 122 Graduation processions on Sunday (17/10). Graduates with a cumulative achievement index (GPA) of 3.59 are recorded as having accumulated various achievements during his four years of education in ITS.

One of the proudest achievements was winning the general champion in the 14th Indonesia Bridge Competition (KJI) in 2019. In the competition, he and his colleagues won first place in the category of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) KJI Baja, KJI Baja Bridge Implementation category, and KJI Baja Solidified Bridge category.

Yosi Noviari Wibowo (two from right) with his partner in the final round of KJI 2018

Not only in the field of structure, but Yosi also has a high interest in the field of science. He admitted that every semester, there are research projects that he has to work on in campus. As a result, students from Sidoarjo also conducted the publication of an international journal of results examining geopolymer concrete. “Remember, science wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t written, wouldn’t it?” he continued.

His journal The Influence Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Metakaolin on Mechanical Properties Fly Ash Geopolymer Paste has penetrated the Asian Journal of Applied Sciences Volume 05, Issue 04, period August 2017. As well, Alkali-Activated Mortar Characterization Made from Fly Ash and Sandblasting penetrated the International Journal of GEOMATE Volume 17, Issue 60, Period August 2019.

Thanks to this achievement, in 2019, Yosi came out as the first winner in the selection of diploma-level students at ITS. He also stretched in the National Election. At that time, Yosi had to settle for fourth place nationally.

Yosi Noviari Wibowo (two from left) became mapresnas finalist and ranked 4th mapresnas

In fourth place, Yosi admits there is a feeling of envy in those on it. However, it is not envy due to the difference in ratings. Instead, Yosi always thought that he was still very far behind compared to others. “It still hasn’t contributed to helping solve problems in the society,” he said.

Therefore, students who will continue his Magister at ITS Civil Engineering Department hope to be able to share the sustenance that they have obtained. He also opened up to help ITS students who want to run in the Pilmapres. “Yesterday I helped Galih in ITS and national elections at diploma level. Next, I’m ready to help anyone,” he said excitedly.

He believes that when we do good, and God gives way, ease will always come. Khairunnas, anfa’uhum linnas. “The best man is the one who benefits his society,” the 1998 graduate firmly said.


Yosi Noviari Wibowo when ranked 1st Mawapres ITS diploma level

At the end, Yosi hopes that ITS students will continue to contribute to the environment and society, even in the midst of busy lectures. In accordance with the admonition of the Rector OF ITS, who is always remembered by him. “Don’t be proud to get accepted in ITS, but make ITS proud after accepted you!” he noted. (ri/hen/Anjani)

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