Creating Curhatin Application, ITS Student Achieved 17 National Best Ideas

Thu, 11 Jun 2020
12:37 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Bagas Juwono Priambodo menunjukkan prototipe dari aplikasi Curhatin di smartphone.

Surabaya, 11 June 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic that going on until today, causing a disruption on people’s mental health. Therefore, three students of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) create an innovation called Curhatin, an online application on psychological consultation service.

The three students are Bagas Juwono Priambodo, IIhdiannaja, and Yuki Yanuar Ratna. They are the students of Informatics Engineering Department batch 2017. By forming a team, they created an online psychological consultation service application.Bagas Juwono Priambodo, the team’s leader said that Indonesian people has been rated for having a low concern towards their mental health. Most people on the society assume that mental health consultation is not something important. “Some of them even feel embarrassed for checking their mental healthiness,” he said.The student, which familiarly called as Bano, continue that the Covid-19 pandemic situation are causing an increase on psychological issues experienced by the Indonesian people. Anxiety is one of the reasons that causing mental healthiness issue nowadays. “But the reality is that this thing has not yet making the people aware to the importance of mental healthiness,” he added.

A poster showing the team’s member with Curhatin application’s prototype.

Bano said that his team are trying to help the society to have a greater concern towards mental health, especially in the pandemic situation nowadays. They found the idea to create Curhatin, which is an application that serve online psychological consultation. “It could be that, with the existence of this application, people will not become lazy and feel embarrassed for doing a consultation,” he said.This student, who is originated from Jakarta, explains that Curhatin is an android mobile based application. The application featured with various psychological services that are very helpful for the society. Some of the feature are anti-stress tips, consultation with psychologists, stress healing methods, stress monitoring, and personal journal entry.Bano mentions that Curhatin application provide consultation services with psychologist that could be done via message, phone call, and video call.  Therefore, users could freely use the features based on their personal needs. “We are also planning to coordinate with the Association of Mental Health Specialist Doctor (PDSKJI),” he said.This sixth semester student also explains about some of the feature’s concept in the Curhatin application. For further plan, the feature of anti-stress tips service, stress monitoring, and some other kind of tips, will be provided in the form of video and article. “The feature could also educate people about mental health,” he explained.

The prototype of Curhatin, an online psychological consultation application created by a team of ITS students.

Bano also targeted that circa the upcoming July or August, the Curhatin application will be ready for launch. In a close time, they will also decide the presence of cost and the method for consultation with the psychologists. “It is because that till now, we have not yet decided about the cost and the method,” he said.The team is supervised by four lecturer at once, namely Ridho Rahman hariadi S.Kom. M.Sc. (main supervisor), Siska Arifiani S.Kom., Adhatus Solichah Ahmadiyah S.Kom. M.Sc., and Hadziq Fabroyir S.Kom. PhD.Due to their concern towards mental health of Indonesian people through the idea of the Curhatin application, Bano and his team gain their success in the Covid-19 INA IDEAthon competition held by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (Kemenristek/BRIN). They have also succeeded in the category of 17 best ideas, overcoming 5.590 ideas from all around Indonesia through the online announcement on the last Friday (8/5).As for Hadziq Fabroyir S.Kom. PhD, one of the Bano’s team supervisor lecturer, hoped that students are not satisfied only by their achievements in the class but also doing self-actualization by following competitions and research. “So that the experience will later form their mental in order to prepare for the career world ahead,” said Hadziq, his everyday name. (sen)

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