2024 Pre-Basic Level Student Management Skills Training of ELECTICS ITS

Thu, 30 May 2024
2:14 pm
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On Friday, April 26, 2024, the Pre-Basic Level Student Management Skills Training (LKMM Pra TD) IV of ELECTICS took place. This event is part of a series of campus introduction activities attended by all new students. The aim of this activity is to provide basic training to new students regarding time management, serving as a foundation for them to enter a new phase, namely university life. The event was held offline for four days, from April 26 to 28, 2024, at Science Tower 1, ITS Sukolilo.


LKMM Pra-TD IV of ELECTICS adopted the theme “Assassination Classroom,” which conveys the concept that creativity is the strongest weapon, understanding weaknesses makes one stronger, and failure in the process is normal. With such a motivating theme and concept, this event provided a multitude of benefits to the participants, consisting not only of new students but also students who acted as guides. A total of 1205 new students from ELECTICS and 166 new students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health (FKK) participated in this event. Additionally, there were 59 guides from the 2021 and 2022 cohorts who also learned to channel their skills in teaching and mentoring.


During the four days of LKMM Pra-TD IV of ELECTICS, new students had the opportunity to explore and practice time management skills and soft skills through various material sessions provided. The material was delivered in diverse formats including discussions, presentations, and direct classroom simulations. Participants were equipped with nine main topics:


  1. Theme Analysis,
  2. Ambition-Reality-Effort (AKU) and Targets-Risks-Consequences (SRK),
  3. Active Listening and Effective Speaking,
  4. ELECTICS Insights,
  5. Self-Introduction,
  6. Digital Literacy,
  7. Perception and Thinking Errors,
  8. Self-Development, and
  9. Personal and Organizational Skills.


Additionally, participants engaged in a comprehensive simulation at the end of the event to apply all the material they had learned. This event was designed to provide new students with opportunities to exchange ideas, discuss, and develop an understanding of self-management and collaboration.


“Thanks to God, LKMM Pra-TD IV of ELECTICS has run smoothly. This year marks the transition to a fully offline LKMM Pra-TD, with the addition of a Focus Group Discussion session between participants and class guardians, as well as a memorable peak night,” said Rayhan Abdul Jabbar Fahmi, the head of the organizing committee of LKMM Pra-TD IV of ELECTICS.


LKMM Pra-TD is the first step in a series of student management skills training. The next event is the Basic Level Management Skills Training (LKMM TD), which focuses on event management with thorough planning. Rayhan hopes that the participants of LKMM Pra-TD remain enthusiastic about participating in this subsequent training, as more in-depth managerial materials will be presented. New innovations such as the Focus Group Discussion session and the peak night of LKMM Pra-TD IV of ELECTICS are expected to continue to be enhanced in the future. The hope is that with better preparation, the next LKMM events can run more smoothly and provide greater benefits for new students.

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