Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Laboratory Manufactur matter is laboratory in which study how to process the material so that he could be an ingredient new that is innovations in it. Laboratory innovation material also often in go to peoples beyond to run a test of materials / elements of the wanting in know in a material. This laboratory was also used students lab work that all students capable of innovate on something and bring up something new.

Nama                          : Ir. Moh. Farid, DEA

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Pangkat/Gol              : Pembina / IVa

Jabatan Fungsional : Lektor Kepala

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Nama                          : Dr. Agung Purniawan, ST. M.Eng

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Nama                          : Sutarsis, ST., M.Sc

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Nama                          : Mavindra Ramadhani, ST., MT

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Nama                          : Sutari

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Pangkat/Gol              : Penata Tk.I / 3b

Jabatan Fungsional : Pranata Laboratorium Pelaksana

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Lab work manufacture materials
Lab workmanufacture material is lab work that studies chemical analysis of a solution we do of manufacture on the material. The purpose of lab work is expected to students being able to conduct manufacturing and make something new. And able to apply his world material and metallurgy Engineering.

In the forms that need to furnished :
o Form registration
o Form Lab work procedure
o Form assessment

*Form may be taken in technician laboratory

  • Mesin Tarik
  • Microscope

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