Finance is not an obstacle in ITS!

ITS Student Affairs has committed to always provide support to students in ITS including financial matters. Guarantees for all students that there will never be students who cannot study with financial affairs have been announced. This is the spirit of ITS to always provide the best education services in Indonesia. ITS is the best campus with fairly low tuition fees and is in an environment with sufficient living costs for all social groups

The following is an undergraduate scholarship opportunity at ITS which can be in the form of financial assistance only or in the form of work / internship ties:

  1. Bidik Misi Scholarship
  2. Government or BUMN Scholarships
  3. Private Scholarship
  4. PPA Scholarship (Academic Achievement Improvement) & BBM (Student Learning Aid)
  5. Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship (KSE)
  6. Djarum Scholarship
  7. Scholarship of Nurul Fikri PPSDMS
  8. SDM Iptek Scholarship
  9. Ikoma Scholarship

The following are ITS graduate scholarship opportunities:

  1. PMDSU
  2. LPDP (Endowment Fund for Education)
  3. Fresh Graduate Scholarship
  4. Fresh Graduate Joint-Degree Scholarship
  5. Sandwich Scholarship
  6. Double Degree Scholarship
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