Learn about the Copper Processing Industry at PT Smelting

Wed, 19 Feb 2020
2:40 pm
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Tuesday (10/02) The Engineering Physics Student Council (HMTF) held a “Visit Company” activity to one of the multinational industrial companies, PT Smelting, located in Manyar, Gresik. This visit is one of the work programs of the HMTF`s Department of External Relations as a means to introduce the world of professionalism based on engineering to students of Engineering Physics, explained by Made as Head of Committee. The event which started at 13.00-16.30 was attended by 50 participants from the class of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Aside from a way of introducing the professional world, the visit company is intended to introduce industrial works ethics to Engineering Physics ITS students. Various companies from various sectors have been visited and this year, PT Smelting Gresik was chosen as a metal refining company.

Using Almamater suits, all participants were welcomed by PT Smelting engineers who wore green uniforms. The event was then opened by remarks and followed by a briefing on the site visit procedure. PT Smelting’s representative explained the work safety standard procedures that must be obeyed before entering the industrial factory area. Furthermore, the representatives of the participants were asked to come forward to immediately practice how to use PPE properly and correctly so that all participants could use safety equipment by following procedures. The material was then continued by Mr. Ilham as an Engineer in the smelter who is also an ITS Chemical Engineering Alumni. He explained the processing of copper from concentrate to pure copper ready for the market.

After installing using PPE according to the standard, participants were taken to the location to see the copper processing directly. During the tour, the students were accompanied by PT. Smelting representatives which explains each processing site.

Smelting itself is the only copper refining plant in Indonesia that processes concentrates into pure Cu (Copper) to then be marketed to finished product companies. In July 2001, the copper cathode of PT. Smelting is listed on LME (London Metal Exchange) as a “Class A” category with a Copper content of 99.99%.

The visit company participants also had an interesting opportunity to meet the Physics Engineering alumni who worked at PT Smelting, namely Mr. Lutfi and Mr. Andika. He revealed that the role of Physics Engineering itself in the copper processing sector was quite large, namely in the maintenance section especially calibration, but it did not rule out the possibility of Engineering Physics graduates also taking part in the smelter processing section.

After the tour is complete, participants received treats produced by UKMK under the guidance of PT. Smelting. UKMK is a form of community service from PT. Smelting. The event was closed with the presentation of souvenirs from PT. Smelting to Engineering Physics ITS. (sin)

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