Exploring SPIE Optics + Photonics 2018

Fri, 26 Oct 2018
9:36 pm
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Once again, student of Engineering Physics ITS taking up a role in the internationalization of the department and ITS. Interviewed by TF Media at Tuesday, August 28th 2018, Fadhel Islamy Husada, the soon to-be graduate of ITS looks excited.  He carries some books to be put on the Photonics Engineering Laboratory. “Yes, it was gift from SPIE to be used in the student chapter.” He said. It`s not just book he brought home, a million experience and knowledge is ready to be shared.

Fadhel has attended SPIE international conference in San Diego, California at August 18-23, 2018. Some events including Student Leadership Workshop, student chapter exhibition, plenary session, industrial fair, until job fair, all in photonics-related, was present. This conference is the annual big event held by Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) to nurture the development of optics and photonis around the globe. “In plenary session, there are lots of topics discussed, like  nanoscience, optical engineering, and others.” Fadhel said.

Fadhel is the representation of SPIE ITS Student Chapter, might as well the representation of Indonesia because the ITS Student Chapter is the only one in Indonesia at the moment. SPIE ITS Student Chapter is located in Photonics Engineering Laboratory, Department of Engineering Physics ITS.

Fadhel tell us the experience he had during the conference. “at August 18, there is student leadership workshop, then continued by career workshop, how to write a good scientific paper, and how to make a good presentation. It was awesome. The third day, in poster presentation, I have to report my chapter activity.” He learns a lot about managerial. “The next step sure will be fixing the system in my chapter, to make it better. I believe there are many unused potential in this chapter and it will be a loss if each member doesn`t get the full benefit.”

Big opportunities awaits Fadhel as he got contacts of universities overseas that might offer him a scholarship. He said there are lot of ways to learn about optics and photonics, of them is joining the SPIE Student Chapter ITS. “We have a lot of benefit, like scholarships, travel grant, quarterly magazines, journal free access, etc.” He said.


article and translation by : Rima Adiati

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    Once again, student of Engineering Physics ITS taking up a role in the internationalization of the department and ITS.

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