Engineering Physics ITS’ Students Win the 1st Place and Best Presentation at the Bursa Eksakta Bussiness Model Competition (BBMC)

Sat, 09 Jan 2021
2:07 pm
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Figure: (from left to right) Birly Fajar and Sarah Alya Aziz when they close the presentation video

TF Media – The Covid-19 pandemic is won’t make the Engineering Physics’ students stop to become the champion. This is proved by the success of Sarah Alya Aziz (batch 2017) and Birly Fajar (batch 2017) winning the 1st place and best presentation at the BBMC Competition (Bursa Eksakta Bussiness Model Canvas Competition) organized by BETA FST UNAIR (Semi-Autonomous Body of the Faculty of Science and Engineering Airlangga University) on October 16th – December 7th 2020.

The BBMC competition is a business-style competition. Where the theme of the competition is forming young entrepreneurs with innovative and competitive businesses in creating the creative economy in the new normal era. The idea brought by Sarah and Birly in this competition was the Talent Marketplace. Where the concept of this idea is a platform that can connect art workers and clients.

The idea for the Talent Marketplace was initiated because there was no place for an efficient, fast, and easy meeting between art workers and clients. So, the meeting process must go through a process that takes a long time, and must go through various applications.

Birly Fajar, who was one of the team members when interviewed on December 25th, 2020, admitted that he was happy to participate in the competition because he gained a lot of experience and being a champion made him more challenged to be more active in participating in many competitions. “I am happy, so I am challenged to take part in other competitions,” said Birly.

Not only that, Birly Fajar also shared some tips and tricks that he did with his team, so that he was able to win two champions, namely 1st place and best presentation in one competition when interviewed via chat. “Always give the best we have, do a lot of personal and team research on the business idea,” said Birly. (lai / edit: mei / trans: cel)

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