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Wed, 19 Feb 2020
2:55 pm
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The students of Engineering Physics Department are designed to be able to work in inter-discipline subjects. This is proved by the achievement of some of the students of Engineering Physics Department that joined the inter-department research team and manage to become the representative of ITS in competitions. Who are they? What story they have from those competitions for us?


Falentin Tri Yulianto

He becomes the first Physics Engineering Student that joined the Nogogeni Team. Nogogeni Team initially made for Industrial Mechanical Engineering students only. The fact that he has joined it is a great achievement and a great challenge for Falentin or as his friends usually called Fafa. He has joined the Electrical and Propulsion System (EPS), the challenge he faced are varied. This division is responsible for the electrical on the combustion system. The majority of the member of the team is from mechanical engineering also becomes a challenge for Fafa to integrate himself to the team. “To be in a different environment, of course, we need to adapt to many things. We must follow the norm there. If you want to joke it`s okay. But do not joke too much because the environment is different from what we used to be in,” He said.

The knowledge about an electric car besides could be obtained from the Nogogeni Research Team, it can be also obtained from the class. “The subject at class such as electronics and thermodynamics are very helpful in the theory analysis because when we are going to do something with our car, it must be based on the theory to reduce the possibility of error.” Besides as an engineer at Nogogeni Research Team, he also busies himself as an assistant at Computation and Cyberphysics Laboratory at Engineering Physics Department.

Become a part of the Nogogeni Electric Car Research Team and manage to bring ITS to become the champion at Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi (KMHE) 2019 held by Malang University are great feat for him and his team that not many ITS student can achieve. The achievement we got is due to the individual competence and the good teamwork of the team. Fafa said that working in a team is not going to not-time-consuming and it is definitely going to require much of his energy. “Remember the reason you start something. If someone wants to achieve something, they are not going to stop just because they are tired. If it does require a break/rest, just rest, but just don’t stop doing it.”



With his passion in the world of 3D design, Syaharussajali manages to develop his talent at Sapuangin Team ITS. He is positioned at Frame and Body Technical Division that responsible for designing the best car frame design and manufacturing the car body. Syaharussajali who can also be called Irul also joined the Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory as an assistant. He said that the knowledge he obtained at his laboratory is really helpful to his work at Sapuangin Team. Not only from his laboratory but the knowledge he obtained on the daily basis of study at campus also can be helpful when he wants to analyze and improve the body of the Sapuangin Team’s car. “To obtain the final design, first we must calculate the parameters affecting the speed of the car, and then simulated with software help. Because the theory was already given in class, the knowledge needs to be applied to the real-life scenario only and in this case, is our team’s car. I also already pretty fluent when using the simulation and 3D design software despite the need to learn more about them, because I get used to using them at my laboratory,” he said.

Despite only recently joined since last August, Irul has already contributed to Sapuangin Team wins at Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi (KMHE) 2019 last September that held by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. Although he feels a bit disappointed as his team’s car did not manage to get the first place but just as the runner up, he also feels proud that he could contribute to bringing ITS Sapuangin Team to achieve the highest overall score and becomes the champion of the competition for the third time in a row. He said “When our car was tested, there was no problem. But on the competition, somehow the engine did not perform perfectly. And maybe that was the cause of our team lost. For the next competition, we will prepare for the worst possibility in our car, so that if something happens in the other competition, we will be able to fix it accordingly and with the fastest time possible.”


Reza Baihaqi Nur

To be able to meet one of the leaders of a nation the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, becomes an unforgettable moment for Reza. He joined ITS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Bayucaraka Team and manage to be one of the teams that sent to TUBITAK International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition 2019 at Istanbul Turkey last September. He said that he and one of his friends did not notice that the person that has been handshakes them is the president of Turkey. They only notice when they see the recorded video.

In this international competition, ITS manage to be the champion after beating dozens of teams from different nations on the Fixed Wing category competition after finishing 2 missions with a perfect score. The first mission is flying with the trajectory that forming an 8 pattern and the ITS Team Manage to get the fastest time record. The second mission is to drop a package with the weight of 100 gram on the designated point, and on this mission, ITS Team also manage to get the best score with the closest position to the designated point. Reza who also an assistant at Workshop and Instrumentation Laboratory at Engineering Physic Department ITS said that to be the representative of ITS in the international competition really made him feels motivated to become another champion at the other competition. Reza who has already indulged in the world of robotic since elementary school, interested in developing this hobby of his at college, besides gaining knowledge that did not covered in the curriculum, he also intends to gain many relations with peoples from another department. “The first thing that needed to do when joining some competition, is writing a report/proposal. The experience in writing the proposal or report will help me in writing my academic assignment, reports, proposals, or even my final thesis,” he said. He mentioned that although right now he is very busy at Bayucaraka Team, he will not forget his academic responsibility.

Despite the burden on his shoulder, he feels that the knowledge he obtained from his hobby, could be applied to his academic life and vice versa. Robotics world often connected with the department of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, but the reality is anyone can have this hobby. “When it is the first time I joined the team, not many people there that the same year as me know very much about robotics. We all need to learn from scratch and work with the seniors to learn,” He added. (mei/translate by danta)

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