Inaugurating the New Building, ITS Seatrans Holds a Puppet Show Overnight

Sat, 04 Apr 2020
10:00 am
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ITS Campus, Seatrans News – Wayang Kulit Performance colors a series of inaugurations of the new building of the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (DTTL) Surabaya Institute of Technology, November 10 (ITS) on Friday (13/3). Presented by Ki Anom Dwijo Kangko in the Antasena Gugat play, this performance tells about Antasena’s lawsuit against Duryudhana, who initially promised to give half of the Astina state to Pandawa but denied it.

Dr.-Ing. Ir. Setyo Nugroho, Head of DTTL expressed his hopes in opening the event. “Even though we are a small department, we have ambitions like a vast ocean,” he said. Followed by cutting cone as a form of gratitude for the establishment of a new building that is expected to be an ark that can overshadow the entire journey of the citizens of the Department of Sea Transportation Engineering.

Not only that, the nine-hour puppet show also featured the jokes of Jo Klithik and Jo Kluthuk which succeeded in making the audience laugh out loud. Then on the sidelines, there was also an appearance from Eka Uget-uget, which spoiled the ears of the audience with her melodious singing voice.

At the age of nine, Sea Transportation Engineering, which is still very young as a department, is expected to continue to develop and develop into a large department that is able to contribute to the Indonesian state.

Establishing a new and only department in Indonesia like this is also not an easy thing, it requires years of effort and time. Therefore the inauguration of this new building is also inseparable from the services of one of the lecturers and is a former Head of the Department of Sea Transportation Engineering, namely Ir. Tri Achmadi, Ph.D., who started pioneering and establishing this department in 1992 and was finally inaugurated in 2011 as a Department of Sea Transportation. (diva)

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