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Organization to improve soft skills an team work of Department of Marine Transportation Engineering students.
``Upgrade Yourself``



Student achievements in the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering in various competitions and championships
``Be the best``



Promising career opportunities in the maritime sector for Department of Marne Transportation Engineering graduates
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Welcome TA dan UJian Progres TA
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  Departemen Teknik Transportasi Laut



Yudisium Fakultas
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Yudisium Departemen
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Study Program

The Department of Marine Transportation Engineering only provides a Bachelor Degree (S1) Study Program at this time. The Master Degree (S2) and Doctoral Degree (S3) Study Programs are managed by the Department of Naval Architecture FTK - ITS.

Registration Path

ITS provides three registration schemes for undergraduate programs through SNMPTN, SBMPTN and PKM. Registration of postgraduate program is conducted through Pascasarjana, while for international students through International Office.

Fees and Scholarship

ITS offers more than 200 scholarships from various programs for Indonesian students

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