Offline Guest Lecture after the Pandemic with Korean Practitioners

Wed, 08 Jun 2022
11:35 am
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ITS Campus, Seatrans News – After going through the pandemic period, all activities were held online. Currently, lecture activities can be carried out offline at the ITS Marine Transportation Engineering Department (DTTL), one of the activities carried out routinely at DTTL such as guest lectures.

The guest lecture was held on Friday, April 22, 2022 in SEA 102 – SEA 103 with the theme “The Best Practices of Port Management in Korea”. The DTTL Lecturer invited a very cool speaker from Korea, namely Mr. Choi Jun Hyuk who served as Deputy Manager of the Overseas Business Department of the Busan Port Authority. The material brought by Mr. Choi Jun Hyuk regarding the development of Busan Port Authority (BPA) from infrastructure and equipment technology, both from the design and management of infrastructure, management of port equipment, both from the challenges faced and innovations. The material discussed was about monitoring and managing port operations from technical and operational aspects, activities carried out daily in the operation of Busan Port, and the role of port authorities and Busan Port operators.

At the end of the activity, do not forget to hold a question and answer session, between Mr. Choi Jun Hyuk with guest lecture participants. No less active, the DTTL lecturers also actively asked Mr. Choi. The Guest Lecture closed with a group photo session in front of the Marine Transportation Engineering building as well as a memento for Mr. Choi, Lecturers, and DTTL Students.

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