Research Interest

The research interest of Marine Transportation Engineering Department is broadly divided into 3 (three) fields, namely shipping, port and maritime logistics. More specifically the research field of the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering includes ship conceptual design, ship operational planning, port conceptual planning, port management, maritime logistics planning, and the application of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the field of marine transportation.

Roadmap Penelitian

The field of shipping research includes:

  1. Design, management and analysis of Sea Transportation
  2. Conceptual ship design
  3. Design and management of marine transportation information systems
  4. Artificial intelligence of sea transportation
  5. Telecommunications and sea transportation transfer data

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The field of Port research include:

  1. Port conceptual design
  2. Port management and planning
  3. Port master plan
  4. Feasibility analysis of port operations.

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The Field of Maritime Logistics research includes:

  1. Maritime logistics analysis
  2. Intermodal transportation analysis

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