Study Program

The First Higher Education in Marine Transportation Engineering in Indonesia

The Department of Marine Transportation Engineering is the youngest department in the Faculty of Marine Technology, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya. Nonetheless, this department has become the pioneer of the establishment of a marine transportation engineering community forum called the Forum for Higher Education in Marine Transportation Engineering, which consists of the University of Hasanuddin and the University of Pattimura.

In contrast to other engineering study programs that are more product oriented, marine transportation engineering are more function and demand oriented. The function that is the focus of marine transportation engineering is derived from the needs of service users in the sea transport process, both at the macro and micro levels. While the products related to the field of marine transportation engineering are ships and ports, so that there is a connection between sea transportation techniques and other engineering sciences, especially shipping and civil engineering techniques.

Body of Knowledge of Marine Technology

Therefore, the Study Program of Marine Transportation Engineering was established with the aim of creating professional quality global workers who have special competencies in the field of Marine transportation so that it is expected to manage the Marine transportation sector in Indonesia more optimally. In general there are 3 (three) industrial sectors related to education in Marine Transportation Engineering, namely: the shipping industry, port industry and freight forwarders.
Marine Transportation Engineering students are prepared to become graduates who are able to solve problems in the field of marine transportation engineering, including conceptual design of ships, planning and management of marine transportation networks, marine fleets, ports and terminals as well as multimodal transportation.

Industry standardization as a prospective quality alumni

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