One of Electic’s Professor Lead IEEE Indonesia Section in 2023

Fri, 10 Feb 2023
2:22 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Prof. Gam, captured after the interview session

Advancing Technology for Humanity is a slogan that means advancing technology for humanity. This slogan belongs to an international organization called IEEE or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Composed of engineers, IEEE is widely spread throughout the world, its center is in New York, United States. The IEEE Indonesia Section is a branch of the IEEE located in Indonesia. This branch organization was founded in 1988.

Like other organizations, the IEEE Indonesia Section has an organizational head or leader. The election of this leader is carried out with a proposed name from the Advisory Board or advisory board which is then proposed to the members and a vote will be held if another name is proposed to them. This time, the election for the chairman of the IEEE Indonesia Section 2023 will be a single election, because only one name was submitted and there were no other proposals. The Chairperson of IEEE Indonesia Section 2023 who was elected and trusted to serve for the period 2023 – 2024 is Prof. Ir. Gamantyo Hendrantoro, M.Eng., Ph.D., a professor at the ITS Faculty of Intelligent Informatics Technology.

Prof. Gam, that’s what he is called among lecturers and students. Currently, Prof. Gam is currently actively teaching at the Department of Computer Engineering and is a thesis supervisor for Doctoral Degree students in Electrical Engineering. He said that the first time he joined the IEEE was as a Student Member at the IEEE student branch of Carleton University, Canada in 1996. At that time he was in the middle of a Master’s degree and continued his membership up to Doctoral Degree. In 2002, one year after he received his professorship, his membership status changed from Student Member to Member. He was always active and contributed to the organization until 2013, his membership changed to Senior Member until now.

During 27 years joining IEEE, Prof. Gam has played an active role in various activities organized by IEEE including volunteering, workshops, congresses, and others. The Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology itself has an IEEE student branch which was founded in 2010 and Prof. Gam became one of the supervisors who joined.

“Some of the events that I think were the most memorable were when I was entrusted with being the Chief Organizer for IEEE COMNETSAT 2022 and appointed as Chair of the Technical Committee at the IEEE Region 10 Congress,” he told.

In one year of his tenure, Prof. Gam revealed a number of missions that he would like to achieve in 2023. First, in this period several work programs will be continued that have been implemented well before and will realize activities to be carried out offline, bearing in mind that the previous period was hampered by the pandemic. Second, he hopes to expand the cooperation network of the IEEE Indonesia Section with the industrial sector and give appreciation or awards to industries that have visions and missions that are in line with IEEE. It is hoped that this collaboration will provide benefits for both IEEE members and the industry. Then considering that the members of the IEEE Indonesia Section are widely spread in Indonesia, he hopes that the activities held are spread evenly so that all members can feel the benefits.

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