Unlocking Opportunities with Digital Literacy, 150 Micro Enterprises were given Digital Payments Training in Kab. Situbondo, East Java

Sun, 12 Dec 2021
4:49 pm
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The rapid development of digital technology, one of which is digital payments, makes increasing digital literacy by entrepreneurs a top priority. The Department of Business Management, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business ITS collaborates with the Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro, Kab. Situbondo, participated in the development of SMEs through training on “The Importance of Digital Payments for Micro Business Actors” in the event “Socialization of Payment Digitization Programs for Micro Business Actors”. Berto Mulia Wibawa, MM, one of the lecturers at the Lab. Entrepreneurship and SMEs (ESME Lab) were the main speakers for the training, along with representatives from Bank Jatim Situbondo and LinkAja Indonesia. The training lasted for six days (6-11 December 2021) and was attended by 150 micro-enterprises. Berto provided training materials on the development and history of digital payments, the use of digital payments, the importance of digital payments, and things to watch out for in terms of business financial digitization by business owners. Through digital payments, business owners can provide better payment facility services to consumers while at the same time starting to implement the automatic digital transaction recaps in their business operations.

In the era of globalization, like it or not, we must adapt to trends and technological developments. Therefore, entrepreneurs should understand modern business techniques that are effective and efficient through the use of digital technology. “Digital Payments provides many benefits not only for consumers but also for business owners. There is no need for manual recapitulation because a digital system has recorded everything. Automatic reporting through digital payments will make it easier for business owners to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and even annual sales reports. In addition, digital payments are also very efficient and provide security in transactions. The simplest example of the benefits of digital payments is that administrative staff no longer need to find it difficult to calculate change money or worry about being paid with counterfeit money. They also no longer need to record daily income manually,” said Berto, who is also currently studying for his Doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Monash University.

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