Making Achievements through the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Kominfo services

Fri, 19 Jan 2024
12:07 pm
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The students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) made another proud achievement in the BOTcamp AI Use Case competition organized by the Directorate General of Post and Information Resources and Equipment (SDPPI) of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). The team was guided by the Telecommunications Engineering Study Program Lecturer, Dr.techn. Prasetiyono Hari Mukti, S.T., M.T., with the team name “Roro Jonggrang” succeeded in winning 1st place in the Radio Frequency Spectrum Field on the topic of Internal Improvement. Muhammad Ali Akbar as team leader with members Mohammad Rifqi Firmansyah, Achmad Rayhan Purnomo, I Gusti Rai Hazel Nakhwah Handrata who both come from ITS Telecommunication Engineering and Daniel Rodearman Sihombing from ITS Electrical Engineering.


This competition opened with a bootcamp on November 30 2023, then continued with working on ideas until December 18 2023 and finally closed with a symposium and announcement of winners on December 21 2023. Competing with 70 other participants from various universities in Surabaya, the team from ITS It excels with its ideas, namely Automatic Metadata Extraction based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing). This idea emerged to help automate the correspondence process at SDPPI Kominfo RI with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) based on OCR and NLP.


 “We were inspired by Mendeley which provides an article/reading structure such as title, year of publication, author and so on. “We developed it into a system that can read and group text in an incoming document to speed up the process,” said the class of 2022 student.


Using Microsoft Azure and Power Automate software, the system created can help the process of reading a document into a more structured and categorized form. The student, known as Ali Akbar, explained that the extraction process involves scanning a letter processing document in various formats (png, pdf, jpg) then inspecting the text in the document and then categorizing it based on predetermined variables. In the case of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information in the Radio Frequency Spectrum Sector, the team of 5 people has determined various categories of variables such as License Number, antenna height, station address and other variables contained in a document.


Ali Akbar also expressed hope that in the future this kind of technology or system could be applied in various other public services considering that many public services have not yet been completely digitized. Reflecting on manual processes which are still an obstacle to the efficient performance of various agencies, this will certainly be made easier if this kind of innovation is implemented well.

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