ITS Faculty of Vocations is Flooded with Student Achievers Registrants

Sat, 27 Nov 2021
6:32 am
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Dean of ITS Faculty of Vocations

ITS Campus, ITS News – The registration period ended on Friday (29/5), the seats offered for students through the achievements path was flooded with quite a significant number in the Faculty of Vocations, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS). A total of 1,470 high school/vocational school graduates have registered themselves in 8 (eight) ITS undergraduate diploma programs.

The number experienced a major increase to more than four times from 2019 with only around 321 participants. It will then be filtered into 252 new students from the achievements track, with 168 new students from vocational schools (SMK) and 84 from high schools (SMA). In addition, the study program of Business Statistics received the most interest. Then followed by Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Industrial Chemical Engineering.

Acknowledged by the Dean of the ITS Faculty of Vocations, Prof. Ir. Muhammad Sigit Darmawan, M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D., that the increase in the number of registrants was triggered by a change in the perception and mindset of the community towards vocational programs. Especially in the current situation, the numerous open talks, socialization, and online meetings provide education related to ITS diploma programs.

“In addition, the various achievements of the Faculty of Vocations also contributed to the increased confidence of high school/vocational students,” revealed this ITS professor in the field of Civil Engineering.

With the completion of the registration period, the selection process is ongoing and is planned to be announced on Tuesday (9/6). Led directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Vocations, the selection process is carried out online, assisted by the vice deans, department heads, and lecturers from each department.

“The selection phase consists of the validation and evaluation process of academic and non-academic achievements, all of which are carried out online and paperless,” Sigit elaborated.

For participants who have passed the selection, they can re-register which will be done online on Tuesday (16/6). Whereas those who have not succeeded in the achievements track can enter the regular and independent tracks, which will be opened on the 20th of July. The quota for ITS new students who will be accepted into the ITS diploma program through regular and independent pathways are respectively 336 and 252 students.

Similar to the achievements track, Sigit further explained, the process of registering and selecting regular and independent paths will also be carried out online given the current situation. “Hopefully all processes will run smoothly and high school/vocational students who have an interest in diploma education can be accommodated,” he concluded. (yus/yok/ory/ITS Public Relations)

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