Department of Informatics Engineering Achieves the Highest Score in the Internationalization League

Fri, 07 Oct 2022
2:52 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Informatics Engineering, one of the departments in the Faculty of Electrical Technology and Intelligent Information Technology (FTEIC) won the highest score in the 2022 Internationalization League. This department got a total score of 86.89, leading in cluster A as well as being the best of all departments at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. The reward obtained is an International exposure grant for educators/lecturers and students from Informatics Engineering.

The Internationalization League is a competition that is echoed by ITS and packaged by the Directorate of Global Partnerships (DKG) to support the joint efforts of all ITS students, staff, and lecturers in achieving a world-renowned university. This activity consists of three competitions which include the World Class University League (WCU), Inbound Mobility League, and Outbound Mobility League. The hope is that the Internationalization League can be a bridge to achieve ITS goals toward the World’s Top 500 universities.

Mr. Ary Shiddiqi, as Secretary I of the Department of Informatics said that the value obtained came from a good synergy between lecturers, staff, students, and collaboration with partners. He said that in WCU and outbound assessments, Informatics has a wide range of partners in the international sphere who play a very important role in bringing many of its students to study at reputable universities abroad. For example, in 2022, 12 Informatics Engineering students went to Tomsk State University to take part in the double degree program, three students passed the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) program, and many other students took part in the student exchange program.

one of informatics’s internatinalization agenda at Nara Institute Science and Technology

International exposure activities have long been held and have become a culture in Informatics Engineering. “Not just participating in competitions, but we intend to introduce and bring our students to a wider scope, namely the international realm,” he said during the interview session.

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