Commitment of ABS Provided Scholarships for FTK Students in 2019

Thu, 12 Mar 2020
9:10 am
Faculty of Marine Technology

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The 2019 ABS Scholarship awarding event was held on Wednesday February 19, 2020 in The Dean room, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology office, 3rd floor, ITS Rectorate Building. Scholarships are given to 12 (twelve) students who excellent in academic and non-academic fields. The students come from each departement in the FTK environment. From Departemen of Naval Architecture they are : Agung, Gilbert Ebenezer Nadapdap, and Michael. Students from Departemen of Marine Engineering are : Felia Natasya, Fitricia Putri Rizki Ricinsi, and Muhammad Taufiq Fathurrahman, from Departemen of Ocean Engineering are : Aulia Pramestya Sulaksono, Ferdita Syalsabila, Maria Deviyanti Riska Putri and from Departemen of Marine Transportation Engineering are : Samuel Alan Darmasaputra, Wahyu Nur Hidayatun Nisa and Aisyah Mutiara Ramadhani. Founded in 1862, the American Bureau of Shopping (ABS) is one of the world’s leading companies. Since 2012. ABS-Indonesia har agreed to support FTK in the annual scholarship program for 12 selected FTK students. Technically, the requirements to be able to qualify getting the scholarship are have a minimum 3.0 of GPA, excellent in academic and non-academic fields and get the best value in creating a study plan. The selection of the student who will get the scholarship is carried out by each departement and faculty. On this occasion, the surrender of the ABS Scholarship in 2019 was carried out directly by the ABS representative of the Surabaya branch office, Mr. Eko Mardiono as ABS-Indonesia Senior Surveyor who was also an graduated of Naval Architecture FTK-ITS. The event was also attended by Dr. Eng. Rudi Walujo Prastianto as vice Dean of FTK-ITS, Head of the Head of Departement of Ocean Engineering (Dr. Herman Pratikno), Head of the Head of Departement of Marine Engineering (Dr. Beny Cahyono), lecturer in Shipping Engineering and Secretary of Marine Transportation of Engineering Departement FTK-ITS. In his speech, Mr. Eko conveyed the commitment of ABS-Indonesia in providing this scholarship will still be approved for this 2020 period. With this collabotion, it is hopen that the synergy between ABS-Indonesia and FTK-ITS will grow, in this case the Industrial Internship program for FTK students and the exellent graduated student from FTK-ITS can work in ABS. Meanwhile, the vice Dean of FTK-ITS, Dr. Eng. Rudi Walujo Prastianto requested that scholarship recipients be able to use their funds on target, for example to support the Final Project, or other urgent academic assistance. Finally, the existence of this scholarship is expected to motivate FTK-ITS students to improve their abilities and special competencies in the field of maritime or marine technology, and encourage students to be excellent in national and international competencies. (@eric-eRWePe-ftk-2020).google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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