Announces IUP and Vocational Program, ITS Receives 6,619 New Students from Five Lines

Sat, 27 Nov 2021
1:31 am
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ITS Campus, ITS News – The results of the entrance exam of the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) stage three and Vocational ITS have been officially announced, Friday (4/9) at 10.00 WIB for IUP and 15.00 WIB for Vocational. In total there are 280 people from the third stage IUP line and 894 people from the Regular and Independent Line Vocational Program who are declared to have qualified for ITS.


Head of The Admission Subdirection Directorate of Education ITS Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc said, for this IUP line ITS as a whole received a total of 392 new students from 436 applicants. This IUP line itself opens three waves (stages) of registration. “Wave one received 40 people, wave two 72 people, and wave three 280 people,” he explained.

Furthermore, this year on the IUP line there are three majors that are most in-demand and receive the most students, namely the Department of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering with 50 people received, the Department of Informatics a total of 42 people, and Civil Engineering as many as 38 people.

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Kepala Subdirektorat Admisi Direktorat Pendidikan ITS

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Head of The Admission Subdirection Directorate of Education ITS

Furthermore, for the Vocational line, Unggul explained that the total received on this line was 1,063 people. This year’s Vocational Pathway received a total of 4,694 applicants from eight applied undergraduate courses opened. “For this vocational pathway ITS only accepts applied undergraduate study students (D-4) since 2019,” he said.

Unggul added yesterday’s selection results, the Regular and Independent Line Vocational Program received 894 people. Previously on 9th June 2020, the Vocational Line had announced 169 people who qualified from the Achievement Pathway Vocational Program. “This track is divided into two groups, namely SMK Achievement Group and SMA/MA Achievement Group,” he added.

Unggul said that for 2020 there are three favorite majors of applicants namely the Business Statistics Program with 883 applicants, Civil Infrastructure Engineering Program (Civil Building Management and Maintenance Engineering Technology) as many as 756 applicants, and Instrumentation Engineering Program with 746 applicants. While the largest recipients of new students are in the Business Statistics Department as many as 142 people, the Instrumentation Technology Engineering Department reach 135 people, and the Civil Infrastructure Engineering Department (Civil Building Management and Maintenance Engineering Technology) with 94 people. “For the total of each program in this Vocational line ITS provides an additional quota of 30 percent of the capacity that has been given, given the number of applicants of this Vocational line,” he said.v

This lecturer of Mechanical Engineering Department ITS also explained that with the announcement of the last two lines, ITS has received a total of 6,619 new students from the five lines already provided. With details from the National Selection of State College Entrance (SNMPTN) as many as 988 people, Joint Selection of State College Entrance (SBMPTN) 1,616 people, Independent Partnership Selection (SKM) 2,560 people, IUP 392 people, and Vocational 1,063 people. So complete has been the acceptance of its new students in 2020 and each Department has obtained its students.

At the end, Unggul hopes, all new students who are accepted at ITS are able to make the most of the opportunity to attend this Hero Campus. “Hopefully, applicants who are accepted into ITS from all the pathways that have been provided can study well in ITS and complete the selected course on time,” he concluded.

(bob/Anjani/ITS Public Relation Officer)

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