Sharing Session : Reach Your Dream to Study Abroad

Thu, 06 Jan 2022
10:44 am
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Hello future engineers!
Studying abroad has always been our dream, especially for young engineers who study undergraduates. Still, not knowing where to start is always a big problem we encounter. To help you get started, we have a suitable webinar with our incredible alumni for you to join next Saturday.

✨AIChE ITS Student Chapter proudly presents✨

[Sharing Session: Reach Your Dream to Study Abroad]

With our amazing alumni as speakers🎤:
– Titania Nur Bethiana, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Student, Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, LPDP PTUD Awardee
– Muhammad Irsan Agustian, MSc Advanced Process Integration Student, The University of Manchester – United Kingdom, Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia – Prestasi Talenta Awardee
– Ali Sahab Amrin, Human Capital Management Student, Columbia University – New York, USA, LPDP PTUD Awardee
– Arika Fadhia Rahmi, Sustainable Energy Student, University of Glasgow – United Kingdom, LPDP Awardee
– Muhammad Haikal, Master of Environmental Sciences Student, Wageningen University and Research – Wageningen, Netherlands, LPDP, StuNed and DIKTI Scholarship Awardee

Save the date!
📅 January 15th, 2022
⌚ 19:30 – 21:30 WIB
📍 ZOOM Meeting

Register yourself at:

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