Student Activities

Student Activities

The Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering (DTMI) has several activities for students who aim to support learning activities in the classroom and to broaden their knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering. This student activity is routinely held every year, involving many parties, namely lecturers, alumni and industry and overseas partners. Following are some of the routine activities of students at DTMI.

  1. Guest Lecture

The guest lecture is an activity of giving insight, knowledge, and information to all DTMI students from all classes, where the guest lecture invites speakers and speakers from alumni or not alumni who have worked in industry or companies and presenters from DTMI partners from Domestic and International. Located in a large Hall that can be followed by DTMI students from all classes. The purpose of this guest lecture is for students to have updated and up-to-date information regarding the world of work and the world of education.

2. healthy together

The event was gathered and then exercised for the entire academic community of the students of the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering through healthy activities filled by students from the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering and lecturers and employees. This activity coincides with free service activities held by BSO workshop

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