Come to join ITS Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department

The student admission selection program of the Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department is managed in an integrated manner by the Student Administration and Welfare Bureau (BAPKM). For complete information, please visit this page.

The admission system for new students through the Vocational Entrance Entrance Program of the Surabaya Institute of Technology (SMPV-ITS) Academic Year 2018/2019 also accepts prospective students for the Regular Three Diploma Program, and the Diploma Three Disnaker Cooperation Program.

The aim of the Diploma Three education program is to provide opportunities for high school, vocational, MA, and equivalent graduates to obtain education oriented to the ability of applied skills.

The capacity for selection is entered into the Industrial Engineering Department SMPV as many as 80 new students.

*) The D III Program in Industrial Mechanical Engineering at the Department of Manpower Cooperation and Automated Electrical Engineering Cooperation at the Department of Manpower and Transmigration is jointly organized with the Department of Manpower, Transmigration, and Population of East Java Province.

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