Research Field

The strategic issue that forms the basis and focus of research in the Energy Conversion and Manufacturing  Laboratory of the Mechanical Industry Engineering Department, Faculty of Vocational Technology (FV) in 2015-2020 is the use of Machine Technology in the Field of Industry 4.0 in the Future.

Today’s Machine Technology is one aspect of people’s lives. Therefore, mastering industrial machinery technology is very important for industrial players

  1. Operation & Maintenance
  2. Energy Power Generation
  3. Manufacturer.
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Automotive
  6. Construction, consultant, And Design

Head of Energy Conversion Laboratory:

Head of Manufacturing Laboratory:

Dr.Ir. Bambang Sampurno, MT

Ir. Joko Sarsetiyanto, MT

Ir. Subowo, MSc

Ir. Nur Husodo, MSc

Energy Conversion Laboratory :

Practical Pump and Compressor Machine

Manufacturer Laboratory :

Various types of research related to optimization of toolage, product surface roughness, temperature, material and electrode working rates, and cutting force and power in conventional and non-conventional metal machining processes. Multi-response optimization can be done using statistical methods such as response surface methods, Taguchi with fuzzy logic and Gray relational analysis, and operational research.

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