Vision and Mission


Making the Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department a quality institution of higher education, recognized by the community as a producer of quality graduates, mastering theory and skilled in manufacturing and energy conversion machines, as well as noble character, so as to be able to compete at the national level and at the international level.


The mission of the Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department includes aspects of education, research, and community service, namely

  1. Organizing quality higher education in the field of Industrial Mechanical Engineering
  2. Organizing research that can contribute to the development of science and technology
  3. Organizing community service activities that are beneficial to the welfare of the community.
  4. Improve the competence of lecturers and education staff through further education and training.
  5. Improve facilities and infrastructure for student activities, for example automotive workshops, mechatronics workshops, sports, and so on.
  6. Improve good relations with the world of industry, government, and the military to create a continuous link and match.

Value and mannners

The values ​​that the Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department wants to invest in are:

  1. Ethics and Integrity; in the life of the community, state, and carrying out his profession, always adhering to the norms and regulations that apply in society, state, and religion
  2. Creativity and Innovation; always looking for new ideas to produce innovation in carrying out their duties / roles better
  3. Excellence; strive to achieve perfect results
  4. Strong Leadership; show behavior that is visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking, brave to make changes towards a better, and responsible.
  5. Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility; maintain harmony and care for the surrounding community
  6. Synergy; Work together to able  utilize the maximum potential they have.

Goal and Target

Targets to be achieved by the Vocational Faculty of Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department – ITS:

  1. Academic
    Produce graduates who are competitive
    Organizing programs that are able to drive towards an international reputation
  2. Research

    Producing research that impacts on revenue generation encourages research whose products are worth to be implemented.

    Produce paper that can increase h-index.

  3. Service

    Applying science and technology to improve the economy

  4. Facilities and Infrastructure
    Availability of facilities and infrastructure

  5. Human Resources
    Availability of Human resources that are competent for tri dharma

  6. Organization and Management
    availability  of comprehensif  Operating procedure

    Implementation of a quality management system at the Department level

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