Mechanical Engineering in Industry

The strategic issue that forms the basis and focus of research in the Energy and Laboratory Conversion Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Vocational (FV-ITS) in 2015-2020 is the utilization of Machine Technology in Industry for Industrial development in all fields.

Industrial Machine is one of the vital elements in the aspect of community life. Therefore, the mastery of industrial machinery technology for the industry is very important for the welfare and sovereignty of the nation.

  1. The Energy Conversion Laboratory functions to support practicum and research. This laboratory is facilitated by combustion-based energy conversion machines such as diesel and gasoline engines, steam power plants, pump engines, and compressors etc.
  2. The Manufacturing Laboratory serves as a support for Manufacturing Process courses as well as practicums which include Metal Science Practicum, Metallurgical Material, and Material Science.

Laboratory activities carried out:

  1. Energy Conversion Laboratory, Practical activities include Practicum Pumps and Compressors
  2. Manufacturing Laboratory, practicum activities include Welding, Lathe Process, Drilling Process, Milling Process.

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