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Don’t be confused, as a graduate of the industrial engineering department, ITS has the opportunity to pursue a career in the company and entrepreneurship. The following are some examples of work as graduates of our department:

The automotive industry is involved in all things automotive. The many components that are used make mechanical engineering graduates needed in this industry.

Here you don’t do it like a motor vehicle dealer workshop. Mechanical engineering graduates are needed to design motorized vehicles. Starting from the body, chassis, vehicle transmission to the engine specifications you want to make. All of that can be learned when choosing a mechanical engineering study program.

The aerospace industry is not much different from the automotive industry. What distinguishes this industry is specifically for designing and assembling aircraft.

Not just assembling aircraft. Determining aircraft materials, making skeletons and specifying aircraft engines are also taught in mechanical engineering lectures. This could be an alternative if you are not accepted into an aerospace school but want to work in the aerospace field.

Limited natural resources make people look for ways to survive. Finding other natural resources can help the continuity of humans. Especially with renewable natural resources.

In biotechnology, existing resources are processed and made into products that can be used by humans. While the role of mechanical engineering in the field of biotechnology is to make tools that are suitable for biotechnology needs. Examples are pharmaceutical equipment, medicine or fuel derived from plants and many more.

Energy Conversion is the study of how to make renewable energy sources. Because basically objects from nature that have energy can be converted into tools that can help human life.

Examples of energy conversion are windmills, steam-mills, fuel cells, and solar panels. The essence of energy conversion is making electricity from various energy sources around us. Today there are many emerging motorized vehicles that use electricity as an energy source. Even some large companies use solar energy as a source of electricity supply.

What is meant by environmental control is setting the temperature in a room. Moreover, setting the environment temperature for storing objects. Not all objects can be stored at room temperature. Therefore created tools such as air conditioners, refrigerators, air compressors to get a certain temperature.

Usually for office buildings, hospitals and food storage warehouses are always regulated according to environmental characteristics. Therefore the need for someone who understands environmental control is very much.

Industri manufaktur adalah industri yang berkecimpung dalam produksi sebuah produk. Contoh industri manufaktur adalah perusahaan kendaraan bermotor. Tidak hanya kendaraan bermotor yang siap dijual, termasuk juga spare part dari produk tersebut.

Dalam perakitan produk banyak faktor yang harus diperhatikan. Mulai dari bahan material, desain, spesifikasi hingga karakteristik dari produk perlu dipertimbangkan. Apalagi melakukan perakitan dengan mesin otomatis.

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